Monday, July 6, 2009

The weather for the last couple of days has been so nice. No rain. But I really shouldn't talk about it, being that the rain is coming. Of course, how dare it stay away. :)

With summer in full swing. Just havent had the time to get on this computer. I have to make the time, I do miss it. Miss reading all the wonderful blogs. Miss printing out my coupons. Just miss chatting with people. Now with dh back to work, I'll find the time to get on.

Now I'm off to the lake to enjoy some of the sunshine. Hoping all is well with everyone.

Before I go, there are a couple of giveaways I thought I would share.. Sharon
at My Vintage Studio and Jennifer at The Toy Box Years. They both have some great stuff to giveaway, go check it out!

Have a good day!