Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The sun finally came out today.  So nice to have a day of no rain.  Hope there are more
sunny days coming.
I decided to hit the market a couple of towns over.  Everyone is always chatting about it.
Found a mirror with a nice solid wood frame, $1.  The cubical, she only wanted $2 for it.
I know I will use that someplace.  And the metal table, which I had to have $3.

 Got a dog food dispenser for $2, never used.  The chair was  $4, wish he had more.  Very comfortable!
The wooden holder, $2.  Going to look great with some plants in it.  Hanging tea light holder.  From Partylite, $1. And the metal bucket, $2.  Which will look great cleaned up.

I really love these kinds of days.  Coming home with treasures and money in
my pocket.

Now it's time to get dinner started and get ready for the game.
Have a good night!

Lets Go Bruins!!