Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

Wishing you and your family.
A Happy and Healthy
New Year.
Many blessings, joy and peace for the New Year.
May everyday be better than the last.
See you in 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Wishing your and your family,
a very Merry Christmas and a
happy and healthy New Year!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Sunday

We haven't had this much snow in a long time. Ended up with 24" in total. We were shocked when we went back outside this morning to finish cleaning up. I'm just happy that we went out a couple of times yesterday. If we didn't. We would probably still be outside cleaning up.

The snow was to deep for the dogs to run. So we ended up digging out paths for the dogs. Once that was done, they were running all over the place.

When Chloe went back into the house. She sat at the back door the whole afternoon. We put some bird seed out. She just sat there and watched them eat. Some of the birds were beautiful. I even got caught up watching for a bit.

All my swaps and cards are out for the year. Happy to have that all done. My partners should of gotten their swaps by now. Hopefully, they'll enjoy their package. This is what I sent out.
My Sweet Goodness partner

Jingle Swap partner

Heidi's Homemade partner

Yippee! No school tomorrow. Just got the call. So you know what that means. Sleigh riding! Now, I need to go pull them out of the snow and put them in the garage. This way, when I load the car with them tomorrow. I wont be loading snow with them.

Off I go to find some sleds.

Dashing through the snow.......

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day!

We are getting hit with our first snow storm in a long time. It started around 5:00 am and it's still coming down. I cant remember when the last time it snowed this much. It's so nice to look outside and watch it fall. The temps are dropping, so this snow will be sticking around for awhile. Cant wait to go sleigh riding tomorrow! Yippee! The kids could finally use the sleds that have been sitting in the shed for years. Uck! Now I'm just thinking of all the wet clothes I'm going to have.

Dont have to run out for anything. Going to be baking and wrapping gifts all weekend. My lights are on and off I go.

Jingle Bells....Jingle Bells....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feeling blah!

Been feeling under the weather the last couple of days. Hoping whatever it is that I have, will go soon. Need to make cookies and finish my shopping.
What a time to get sick!
Sure hope all is well with everyone!
Hope to be back soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handmade Christmas

It's time for another week of Handmade Christmas. I'm a person who loves pins. So I decided to use some scrap material that I had. Anything can be used, especially if it's printed material. I had some material that had stockings on it. So I ironed on some felt. Then I went around the edges with fabric glitter and outlined the stocking. Once it was dried, I cut around the edges.
I hot glued a pin to it and waited for it to dry.

Then hole punch 2 holes on some paper and slide in. Perfect. You can add these to a gift and use as a gift tag. Or just give it as a gift. I'll probably tiesome around some cookie trays that I hand out.

Go check out the other great ideas for Handmade Christmas.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Started out by hitting the senior center. They had a beautiful display this year. There were reindeer's and elf's, snowmen and angels. Alot of the high school kids were there helping out. You could tell, they didn't want to be in the costumes. I didn't have the heart to take their pictures. :) Rudolph had the best costume, didn't know who was in there.

I go every year, and every year it gets better. Beautiful. At the end they serve cookies and juice to the kids. Every kid gets a bear from Santa. Which have either a dress or crochet sweater on, that was made by the seniors. So nice!
On Sunday, you heard the sirens and horns. They kept going and going. You knew he was coming. Every time we thought they were getting closer, we ran outside. I kept turning on my camera, didn't want to miss a shot. When we got too cold, we ran back in. Then, the first one came by. Took this shot,then he came! And of course, the camera wasn't ready for him. There he was on top of the fire truck, all lite up and waving. Santa! Need to get a new camera. Hint, hint Santa.

Finally finished with our tree. It's an old tree. I've had it since my dad passed. 13years. It was his tree. The branches fall apart, it takes me forever to put it up. But I cant seem to part with it right now. All the work in putting it up is worth it. Plus, having it, I know he's around.

I joined in on MaMa Buzz Christmas Tree Contest. Head on over and see some more trees. Have you gotten yours up?

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Day Late!

For Handmade Christmas, but I made it. This week, we made a couple of items for holiday gifts. The first one, we used those small pictures that come in the picture packets from school. You know, the tiny ones you never know what to do with it. Well, here you go. Make a large circle. We traced around the bottom of a soda bottle. Color it like a peppermint. Glue the picture in the middle. Then wrap the candy in cellophane. Tie bows at each end. Add a magnet to the back. Great gift idea to send the grandparents.

For this one, I cut some wood for signs. I love signs and some of my friends do. So, guess what some are getting. Paint the sign a solid color. Sand the edges to give it a worn look. Then write what you'd like. Here, I added a little snowman, thought it was a nice touch. You dont have to add the snowman. Just the lettering would be nice.

I've had this wreath laying around forever. Doesnt it look it? Figured, I'd use the blue Christmas balls I bought at the market. My one friend has nothing on her front door. She has mentioned that she couldnt afford to buy a wreath.

Well hello....The picture doesn't do it justice. Hint! Hint! Santa! I love the way the wreath came out and I'm sure she is just going to love it. Need to go find some more bulbs to make myself one.

Until next time with Handmade Christmas.
Take care!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December is here!

Decorations are up....

Some ornaments are made.....

And today started, Sew, Mama Sew December's giveaways. Lots of links for
some great giveaways. Grab a cup and go check it out.
Ho! Ho! Ho!