Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Weekend Finds.....

My mom's town had a town wide garage sale this pass weekend.  I love town wide garage sales.  To have so many to go to in one day.  Love it!  We planned it right, started early and ended by noon.   Went for a nice lunch and was heading home by 1:30.  Still time to putter around at home. 

I loved everything I got and the deals, I think people were giving things away.

This set, you wouldn't believe what I got it for....$15!  It was a steal.
Just weather beaten from the sun mostly.  The frames are in great shape.  A new coat of paint
and some new cushions.  Beautiful!

This I couldn't pass up.  It's functional, nice height and clean.  Brand new.  It's a piece from Ikea, which I love their stuff.  She never used it.....$5  I just have to figure out where to put it.

How can you pass this up?  I couldn't!  It was calling my name. I seen her from the time I parked my car.  Went right to her.....$3.  She's mine. 

I love pumpkins.  They light up and all three cost me $5.  The snowman, cute!  $5.  He has a level in the back that makes him taller.  Nice addition to my Christmas decor.  The window, $2, which I always wanted to paint on one.  And the tin square.  $5.  I liked it, don't know what I'm going to do with it.  But I like it.  Now the desk....the best find of the day.  Missing one knob, which is in the draw.   Great shape, like the color.....Free!   I was driving home and passed a sale with a sign that had free on it.  Couldn't believe nobody picked it up.  Maybe because it was so big.  Not a problem for me.  One way or another, it was fitting in my van. 

Now I have a couple of projects to work on.  It should keep me busy for a bit. One thing about the nice weather.  I love to work on things outside.  Just wish the days didn't go so fast.

Enjoy your week!