Saturday, October 27, 2007

Up early today....

So what did I do? Made some pumpkins. Had a bunch of scrap material that needed to be used. So I made pumpkins. The first was easy. One piece, sew it up and stuff. I loved the material on this one. All types of small leaves. Had it around forever, knew it would be put to good use.
The other pumpkin was sewn in sections. That took me a bit, due to stopping for coffee and taking care of the dogs. But once I got moving. Poof, out came another one. The stem and the leaf were also made out of material. I had this pattern also laying around. Gosh, the things you could make without going broke.

I guess I'll just go and see what else I could dig out of the box of scraps I have. Another rainy day, good day to stay inside and work on some projects.

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vivian said...

Susan, glad to have you in the snowman ornament swap. I will probably start a group here at some point.. I'll be in touch.. In the mean time if you could send your address and email that would be great!