Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise

A wonderful surprise it was. My friend Vickie, had a "Pay It Forward" awhile back. I forgot all about it. She didn't! I was one of the lucky ones, to receive a box full of goodies. The picture does not do it justice. She made me a light afghan, which I will be using on those cool nights at the rink. The rooster tray is adorable. I just love roosters! Will go great in my kitchen. And the two hot pads. Something I could always use and in need of. Due to Murphy taking them and chewing them apart.

Vickie, you did a wonderful job. It all came out great. Thank you very much. It was very nice to send such a great package. I'm jealous. Now I need to go take lessons!

Have a good weekend!


Vickie said...

Hey Susan, I'm happy you liked your surprise package! :) I was a little worried since I've never done anything like this before... will it be liked... is it good enough... you know all those uncertain questions that runs through your head. I wanted you to have something crocheted since you have been wanting to learn but have had such a hard time finding a class. And the rooster tray was a last minute thing...something I have never done before but I remembered you liked roosters and thought oh this would be good to put in. Now the reason you got three different gifts is because I had said on my pay it forward I would send out to 3 people and you where the only one that commented and I thought you know if three different people would have commented I would have made something for each of them and since you were the only one thought that it be right you get 3 gifts. And to tell you the truth I was more than happy to send my longest dearest internet friend a special package. :) Keep watch on my blog in the next week I will be posting a new pay it forward!

Take Care :)

scrappysue said...

i love crochet! lucky you.

my 100th post is up!

i'm kelly said...

what a wonderful package to receive in the mail. i'm so jealous of anyone who can crochet. it's all amazing!