Sunday, July 13, 2008

Will the housework get done?

With summer here and the kids home. I just want to do so much with them. I mean, it's summer vacation, they should have fun. They should be going here and there. Enjoying this and that. But some times, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything. The days just seem to go by faster and faster.

The housework might not get done now. But everything will get done. Eventually it will. The dishes will get done. Just like the laundry. Might be late at night when everyone is sleeping. Or early morning with my cup of coffee. I know it will get done.

It's summer, I want to enjoy the time with the kids. Mr going on 10, keeps me busy. Weather it's going to ride the merry go round or just ride his bike. He loves to go. So I think, I'll enjoy this summer of going here and there, enjoying this and that. Everything will get done.

Hope your enjoying your summer,



Farmchick said...

Just dropping by to pay you a visit! It's true..the work will get done--but YOU will have to do it! lol
You have a great summer too!

Vickie said...

I have been working on mine today because I had planned on spending the day at the Y tomorrow. Colin wanted to go to childcare so Dale and I thought we would work out for an hour and half. Oh something I haven't done in so long I don't know if I could make it an hour and half. And then have a pinic lunch and then Colin and I was going to go enjoy the pool while Dale went to play basketball. Well, the weatherman has changed those plans he says there is a 70% chance of rain for tomorrow. So I guess we will go work out and then plan on coming home. But the work did get done today so if it's nice out Tuesday we will have a full day to play. Enjoy your days the work will get done even if it's a little at a time right now.

Debb said...

Glad to hear from you, I stop by not to long ago but I couldn't leave a commit my computer hates me most of the time. Love the big Merry go around wish wehad one here close. That picture of Harrison was at theSpring Mill Park.We had a bust at the tree . Today he help me with my dad old poach swing my brother had it and I didn't even know. It was getting ready to fall apart. So I took itand made fences Harrison help.He ask me if my brothers and sisters were fairy's .I just laugh and told him no.He just 5 but will be 6 31 of this month. We are going to the zoo in Indianapolis next week. Like you sais it summer break and it's for the child's .that what I also saidit there time to have fun,
Talk to you later sound like you find your fairy YOU!!!!
love Debb

Jillyboo said...

I am mortified. I got your sweet package today in the mail and it hit me... I never sent you yours. I had put it in the closet so that it wouldn't get mixed up in the move. Well, there it still is. I will send it off tomorrow. I am so embarrassed, please forgive a pregnant woman who's loosing her mind these days.

andsewon said...

Do fun NOW work later..My kids are all grown and I sure wish I had spent more PLAY TIME with them then work!
By the way:
Hope you don't mind..I want to pass on the Brilliante Weblog Award to you!!!
Please go to my blog and read the Award Post , to see if you want to accept it!
If you would rather not I don't mind .....;-)