Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turned out to be a beautiful day outside. Was able to put up some decorations and lights. The warmer weather does make it easier to do. Plus, that cup of pumpkin latte helped a bit. Which I keep telling myself. Need to stop spending on the little things that add up. Honestly, don't need the extra calories. But I do enjoy it so much.

Wanted to post some pictures. Cant. When I went to take them, my battery needed charging. So the pictures must wait. Been busy working on my swaps and some holiday decorations. Didn't have to spend anything this year on supplies. Had so much from last year and the years prior. Love those kind of projects that don't cost a penny.

Well off I go back outside to finish up. Wishing you all a good day!

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Sandy Michelle said...

It's the Holidays so drink up! My guilty pleasure is candy cane mochas-yum! Thanks for the congrats:)

Sandy Claus;)