Friday, February 27, 2009

Another week come and gone. Seems to fly by lately. The weather seems to be wanting to get warm. But one warm day, means many cold to follow. Suppose to get some rain and snow mix this weekend. Which is fine with me. I love a reason to stay in the house. Have a bunch of projects to get started on. Now with Spring right around the corner and some new swaps I've joined. Good weekend to get started.

While I was out and about, running errands this week. I hit the thrift shop. My great find for this week. A chair!

Found it for a $1.00. Handyman special! As soon as I walked into the shop, it looked right at me. I knew I just had to get it, I pictured a bright red chair with a beautiful flower pot in the seat. Something to just pop outside. I feel very lucky to come upon this chair. :)

I also feel very lucky to come across some great fabric. Couldn't pass it up. .50 for each piece. When I measured it, came out to 4.5 yards! What a deal! I guess, these will be two of my projects for the weekend. Working on the chair and seeing what I can do with the fabric.

Off to start my day, have a good one!


Linda said...

Susan I've sent you 3 emails about your swap partner, please let me know that you have her information.

Linda said...

Oops sorry Susan I see you have replied, sorry about that...

vivian said...

looking forward to seeing what you do with todays treasures!

suelichter said...

Hi if you email me at I will tell you how:} Hugs Sue