Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Wonderland

That's what it's been looking like around here. Just seems like one storm after another. Getting worse all the time. The kids had so many days off. That they took away some of their Spring Break. Think it's only down to 3 days. I sure hope this is the last of the snow. Kind of getting cabin fever. Cant wait for the snow to melt.

My little one is loving this weather. I bought him snow pants for Christmas. Thinking, he would never use them. Look at that, we were prepared this year. Who knew? They said, every state except Hawaii got snow. Crazy weather, who knows what summer will bring.

So for now, I'll be drinking my tea and cleaning up the cabin. Waiting for the snow to melt and counting the days till Spring.


ABamaMom said...

Believe it or not, I saw a report that all 50 states had snow...even Hawaii (Mauna Kea...13,000 or so feet above sea level)!

I'm so sick of cold weather, I can't stand it. (Remind of this during the summer when I'm complaining about the heat here in the south!)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Your world looks like my world too. Very white and wintery. I'm having trouble even backing out of our driveway because I can't see over the snowbanks.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

whew, lots of snow!! hey just wanted to let you know i haven't received my owoh giveaway goodies yet, i hope they didn't get lost in the mail:(

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Hi...thanks for visiting over by my blog...brrr...that snow reminds me of my days in Michigan. We don't see it here in the Phoenix area. Try to stay warm and have a great week.

vivian said...

oh the snow! We got hit pretty good over the weekend! but thankfully its melting now. It was a very heavy water filled snow.. so everything is slushy and wet out. only 21 days til spring!!
have a great day

Vickie said...

My little munchkin would have loved getting that much snow. He was watching the news with me last week and it was showing different places with all the snow and he said... I want to live there!

This last bit we got on Tuesday it snowed all day long and half the night and only had a trace of snow in the morning. School didn't even have to be delayed or called off. Oh yeah big disappointment.

Take Care :)

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! I hope Spring is headed your way soon!

Sandy xox

Mollye said...

Believe me too it cannot come soon enough! C"mon over to my blog and see who your Bunny Swap Partner is! Mollye

Sarah said...

Hi there! I'm your bunny swap partner! I'll be visiting a lot to learn some about you so I can send you something you will love! :-)