Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grill Daddy Review

In our home, we grill all year long. We love to cook outside on the grill. But the task of cleaning it, Yuk! The caked on mess after you grill and the grease. That's the worse part about grilling, cleaning the grates. So when I had an opportunity to try a new gadget. the Grill Daddy, I jumped at the chance. I've seen the commercials all over TV and I also seen it out in the stores.

I started with warming up the grill and filling the Grill Daddy with water.

Once it was ready, I started. Turned the knob and I was off scrubbing away. When the water hits the grill, it creates steam which helps get the cooked on gunk off. I did have to scrub a bit. It took a bit of elbow grease, but easy to hold and easy to use.

The bristles on the brush are very sharp, so it was really getting around those grates and into the corners. I just kept scrubbing and scrubbing. The more I scrubbed the easier it was to get off. Have to say it worked. It has a hook on the end so you can hang it by the grill to keep it handy. It will be one gadget I will use whenever I grill. Clean up was a snap.

I plan to pick up some as gifts. Father's Day is coming, Dad would love this.

Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. This is a Mama Buzz review and I did receive a sample of the product to try in order to write a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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Tara said...

When I worked in professional kitchens, we would always turn the grill on high for 5-10 minutes after we were done cooking and then scrub it right after before turning it off. When it's a "fresh" mess clean up is easier.