Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back to life...

Hit Lowe's during the week and scored some spray paint on clearance.
$1.00 a can.  Don't know why it was marked down, wasn't going to ask.  Just grabbed and went.
Sorry I didn't get more, went back, it was all gone.

So figured, what better way to use the paint that I have.  Redo all my outside decorations.
Everything I had was either, faded, rusted or ready or the garbage.

Not no more!  Everything got a face lift.  There was color around, but not popping out at you.
Now it is.  The only thing left I have to do.  Is stain the arbor and fence.
After that, everything will go back into its place.  Cant wait to see what it looks like.

 Didn't think I had that much to paint.  But I do. 
I love redoing things that don't cost anything.

Enjoy your weekend.....

Happy Earth Day!


earlene said...

Good Job! Love the colors too.

Sandy Michelle said...

That's awesome! I love how the sun flower turned out :)