Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello There!

Its been a bit since I've been on.  Lost the computer there for awhile.  Plus, between vacations, kids and work.  Really didn't have the time to get on here.  Even though I didn't get on...I did get some things done this summer.  Especially with my flea market finds.  The first project was this bench I found for $7.00.  I knew my husband would be able to do something with it and knowing it would look good in the garden.  Had to have it. A piece of metal is missing from the right side arm.

After a few hours of cleaning and cutting.  Puff!  Looks brand new.  I love it, dh did such a great job.
Looks great in the garden also.  My husband found a guy selling wood pieces at the market for $7.00 a plank.  Plus a can of paint for $4.00.  Not bad for $18.00.

I have a collection of door knobs.  Dont know what it is, I love door knobs.  Dh found some nice pieces of wood from his new wood friend at the market.  Made me a couple of these for some coat or hat racks.  They came out nice and they also look nice where I hung them.  Very easy and simple to make.  He coated the wood down with some wax and added the knobs.  Love it!  The wood pieces were a couple of bucks each.  I had the knobs for years.  So really didn't cost anything.

Since finding the wood guy, dh made many bird houses.  Lots, of bird houses.  They are all over the yard.  Some painted, some left with the natural wood.  I'm very lucky to have a husband who is creative and handy.  Dh has had a lot of time off, due to downsizing of his job.  Instead of not doing anything and sitting around,  he has been making some wonderful things and redoing things.  I never know what I'm coming home to.

Going to be taking in a couple of more sunsets for the summer.  The cooler air has been coming in.  A big change to what we've had.  I did have a wonderful summer, even though I worked alot. The kids are back at school.  Everyone is settling into their routine, its a good thing. 

Now, it's time for me to go hopping along to see what everyone else is up too.  I did miss visiting the blogs and seeing what creative things are going on. 
So good to be back on.  Now it's time to jump in!

Take care!

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Sandy Michelle said...

Welcome back chicky! I remember when my Husband and I would make bird houses out of twigs. I love the coat racks and am envious that you only spent $18 for the bench :) Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Sandy xox