Monday, December 17, 2012

8 More Days!

 Made some sprays for the doors around the house.  Didn't cost me a thing.
Had all the materials, didn't have to buy anything.   Easy way to dress up the place. Plus,
dropping some off to friends, to share what I had. 

 This is what I decided to go with.  I put greens around the top of the frame and
added a bird pick.  Not fond of the big lights during the day. But, sure looks good
at night.

 Found these decorative stickers at Walmart. In the clearance bin!  Now, how can
you pass that up?  Maybe I should of put it on a lighter colored wall. 
Still love it. 

This I put together with all the things I have.  I knew that stock pile  of 
things would go to good use.  And all the time dh kept saying, "throw it all out". 
Glad I didn't.  Repainted the sled, added some greens and picks.  
Love it!

Can't believe the days are going so fast.
Christmas will be here before you know it.
Wishing for a White Christmas here.

1 comment:

LovelyLici from Swapbot said...

It looks like you really get into the Christmas spirit!
I think I would get more into it if we had Walmarts and Targets here where I could find things at good prices. Christmas things are so expensive!
I would say I'll stock up in summer when everything's cheaper, but I'm busy saving for a summer wedding. :)