Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas weekend.....

Did a little of this and did a little of that. One thing for sure, I wont go to the stores on the weekends anymore. It reminded me why I usually don't go out on the weekends. But being that there were some things to do and get. We went out. First we hit Toyland. It's a big to do in town. The seniors do it for the kids and it's just beautiful. They set it up with all wonderful displays of Christmas. All of them are dressed in costumes. There is also a room full
of trains. Sorry about the blurry picture. At the end when your all done walking through. They give out juice and cookies. It's a nice thing that is done every year. And every year its just as nice.

After that we headed over to the library. Book Sale! Fill a plastic bag for $1. What a deal. Got 3 bags of books, which will keep me busy for awhile. It took us about an hour just to go through them all.
Then after that we came home and packed everything away. We pulled out some ornaments to paint. We painted most of last night and we had a blast. I'm in a couple of ornament swaps, so some will come in handy. The others will be for the tree.

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Esther Sunday said...

I run my tush off during the week to do whatever I can to ensure that I don't have to leave the house on the weekends, at least to run errands! My mom had us paint wooden ornaments growing up - brings back memories! Love, Esther