Friday, September 18, 2009

Made the wreath with some of my stash. My stash consists of items I've purchased along the years. You know, the items that you buy on clearance. It's such a good deal, you cant pass up. Knowing your not going to use it right away, but it's on sale. And even though when you get home and put it right away, just because you don't want your dh to see it. The next time you do come across it. Is when your having a garage sale. lol

The wreath didn't cost me a penny. I had everything I needed to throw it together. I really have to start going though my stash to see what else I have. It's like getting something new all over again.

While out shopping today, there were a few sales around. Stopped to check things out. Score, plant stand. $1.00! With a new coat of paint, it'll look brand new. Cant wait to clean it up.
Tomorrow I have my yearly flea market. Going to pack up the car tonight. This way I could just jump in and go in the morning. Hoping for a warm day. And hoping to bring less boxes home then what I went with. I have a pot of turkey soup on the stove. Soup weather is here! Going to finish getting ready for tomorrow and have a bowl of soup. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Paul-ene said...

Ok, I want some of that turkey soup(YUM)!

Love the wreath you made for your door too. It's even more fun when you can find what you have and make a treasure out of it. That's a good feeling!