Friday, December 4, 2009

A Day Late!

For Handmade Christmas, but I made it. This week, we made a couple of items for holiday gifts. The first one, we used those small pictures that come in the picture packets from school. You know, the tiny ones you never know what to do with it. Well, here you go. Make a large circle. We traced around the bottom of a soda bottle. Color it like a peppermint. Glue the picture in the middle. Then wrap the candy in cellophane. Tie bows at each end. Add a magnet to the back. Great gift idea to send the grandparents.

For this one, I cut some wood for signs. I love signs and some of my friends do. So, guess what some are getting. Paint the sign a solid color. Sand the edges to give it a worn look. Then write what you'd like. Here, I added a little snowman, thought it was a nice touch. You dont have to add the snowman. Just the lettering would be nice.

I've had this wreath laying around forever. Doesnt it look it? Figured, I'd use the blue Christmas balls I bought at the market. My one friend has nothing on her front door. She has mentioned that she couldnt afford to buy a wreath.

Well hello....The picture doesn't do it justice. Hint! Hint! Santa! I love the way the wreath came out and I'm sure she is just going to love it. Need to go find some more bulbs to make myself one.

Until next time with Handmade Christmas.
Take care!


Vickie said...

Hey, The wreath is awesome and I know your friend is going to love it.

You know where that sign is going? I know you know! You don't even have to pretend to guess because you know what is going to happen now. Yep, you guessed it! It's going on my to do list :0 Take Care :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Lots of work, this decorating business. But it's worth the effort. I'm sure the grandparents will like the peppermint magnet.

vivian said...

so pretty.. your friend will surely love it and you!
have a great weekend!

Abbi said...

Thanks so much for joining us!!

The mint is cute! I can imagine kids having fun putting that together.

I love the sign! I have never made on of those cute, country type signs but yours makes me want to. The little snowman definetely adds a special touch.

The wreath is pretty! So much better than the plain one. I understand about pictures not doing something justice. :-(

Have a great Sunday!

Rambling Girl said...

All your crafts are so cute! Love the peppermint candy!

What a nice thing to do for your friend...the wreath is totally cool!

Sarah Ruth said...

Haha. Thanks! I am almost done with your's! Hopefully by the end of the week.

Sandy Michelle said...

Neat decor ideas girl! Thanks for the congrats too! Happy Holiday crafting!

Sandy xox