Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Started out by hitting the senior center. They had a beautiful display this year. There were reindeer's and elf's, snowmen and angels. Alot of the high school kids were there helping out. You could tell, they didn't want to be in the costumes. I didn't have the heart to take their pictures. :) Rudolph had the best costume, didn't know who was in there.

I go every year, and every year it gets better. Beautiful. At the end they serve cookies and juice to the kids. Every kid gets a bear from Santa. Which have either a dress or crochet sweater on, that was made by the seniors. So nice!
On Sunday, you heard the sirens and horns. They kept going and going. You knew he was coming. Every time we thought they were getting closer, we ran outside. I kept turning on my camera, didn't want to miss a shot. When we got too cold, we ran back in. Then, the first one came by. Took this shot,then he came! And of course, the camera wasn't ready for him. There he was on top of the fire truck, all lite up and waving. Santa! Need to get a new camera. Hint, hint Santa.

Finally finished with our tree. It's an old tree. I've had it since my dad passed. 13years. It was his tree. The branches fall apart, it takes me forever to put it up. But I cant seem to part with it right now. All the work in putting it up is worth it. Plus, having it, I know he's around.

I joined in on MaMa Buzz Christmas Tree Contest. Head on over and see some more trees. Have you gotten yours up?


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Is that a dog lying by the tree or a reindeer? And I can relate to teenagers not wanting to get their picture taken -- I've got a few of those in my house. I say "Bah Humbug!" Things are looking festive.

Vickie said...

Hey, That is a good idea what the senior center does. Brings young and old together! Your tree is beautiful :) Take Care :)