Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bottle This Day........

Would love to keep it all year. It was just beautiful out today. Hot, not humid. There was a breeze, which made perfect hanging weather. With the weather we had this summer, this was a welcome change. Just wish it would of been these kind of days instead of those hot, sticky, humid ones we had.

Today was a home day. Figured it was so nice outside, why not start outside.
So started cleaning up the plants.

Getting to be the last of the cukes. Had a bunch I needed to use, so just made cucumber salad.
I just love the vinegar taste.
Stirs up fast, plus it's inexpensive. I added some tomatoes to mine. Had some of those I had to use also.

Getting down to the last of them. Only a couple of bushes left and they look hammered.
I pulled out the ones that werent going to make it.

The ones that are still left. Are
still flowering and making tomatoes!

Just wish we had gotten some rain this year.
The hot weather did them in. I think I would
of gotten more on the plant.

Tomorrow is going to be another home day.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening and
a better Sunday!


Vickie said...

Hoping you have another day as you did today. I know the humidity has been awful this year and our poor garden didn't make it with the heat and no rain. Take Care :)

Claudia said...

Looks like you had a great garden... we are all going to miss those good home-grown veggies.