Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Garage Sale Weekend

We had a garage sale this pass weekend. Figured I had yard work to do in the front. So why not put some things outside. It was a beautiful weekend to have one. Everyone was out and about, so we did get alot of traffic. There were people that didn't care anything about the price. There were people that wanted things for free.

For the most part. I did get rid of some treasures. I did do a big declutter in the house. Only kept things that meant something to me. If it was sitting around collecting dust, it was out of here. If it hasn't been used or not intended on being used, out of here.

The most sales we made was with the bottles of water. I went through almost a case and a half. The fact that their were some soccer games down at the field helped a bit.

Around noon time, my neighbor bought out the babies to feed. Out of 4, only one followed her all the way to the fence. He drank that bottle so fast.

When he was done, he wanted more. They sure are the cutest when they are small like this.

Have a good week!

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vivian said...

good idea to sell water! Glad you sale went well. I toy around with the idea of having one once in a while, but always decide not to in the end!
love those little goats!