Friday, December 3, 2010

Tis' The Season......

can't believe December is here. The stores have been packed and it just seems so many more cars on the road. Some places, you would think they were giving things away. I already started my shopping, online! Best thing about it, you don't have to leave the house. Lot's of places are giving free shipping, so how can you beat that. I just have to make sure I get the boxes when they are delivered and not the kids.

I still have boxes out and about all over. Still putting up lights and holiday decorations. Just seems to be more and more every year. Tomorrow I should be finished. I would have some pictures to post, but cant find my wire to connect to the computer. Dh changed things around and put it someplace, forgot where he did. So I must hunt for it. Been working on some ornaments also. Have a couple of swaps to fill, so excited to see what everyone is making this year. Already mailed my oversea packages so they'll be there in time. I know it takes a bit longer to receive.

Going to make some cookies now and maybe some bread. Have a new recipe for carrot cookies with cream cheese frosting. MMM! Will go great with that cup of tea. I have a cookie swap to get ready for in 2 weeks. So have a couple of different recipes to try out. Anyone have any good ones to share, please pass them along.

Have a Holly Jolly Weekend! Spread that holiday cheer!


Anonymous said...

I sent out my overseas package Thursday and they said Friday was the last day...thank goodness I didn't procrastinate! Post the cookie recipe...I love carrot cake! Oh and traffic...went Christmas shopping in B'ham yesterday, wreck happened right beside me...the men got out and started fist fighting...I a hurry!

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Christmas baking and decorating Susan!

Sandy xox

Vickie said...

Those cookies sound delious please share the recipe. Hope you get all your decorating done soon.

Take Care :)

Farmchick said...

Just stopping in to say hi!! Come on over to my recipe swap and share your cookie recipe!! Pretty please. :)