Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Sign Of Spring!

While cleaning up the yard today, this is what I found.
What a welcome sign it is.  I know winter isn't over.
But this proves, Spring is right around the corner.
Have any signs of Spring by you??

Have a wonderful weekend!


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

isn't it wonderful? my daffodils are poking thru the muddy garden!!

vivian said...

sweet little promise of whats to come! thank you for sharing! we are buried in snow today. blaah yukko! so tired of it!
oh well.. wont be long now.

Sandy Michelle said...

Isn't it exciting?! I hope Spring comes early this year for us!

Keurig Mini said...

I can hardly wait for spring to come, and these are sure an indicator it can't be far off now!

I think I will go rummage around the yard, under the melting snow, and see what I can discover as soon as I finish the cup of coffee I just made with my keurig b60!

Courtney said...

Beautiful! Our flowers haven't really started yet, I think it is still too cold!

♥ Following your blog now from sb!