Monday, March 7, 2011


Started going through my treasures that I've stored in boxes.  You know the treasures hat you buy
on sale, only to put them away for another time.  The treasures you must have, even though you dont need.
The treasures you put in a box or a closet, before your husband comes home.  He wouldn't understand why you
had to have what you bought.  Especially when it was on sale or better yet, clearance

I love to buy treasures, even if I dont need it at that time.
If it's on sale or clearance, it yells out, buy me now!
I might not use it when I get home, but I will use it someday. 
You never know when you'll be looking for that treasure, so really need to buy it.

Anybody else collect some "treasures"?? 

While I was going through my things, I managed to make some
mini choc chip muffins.  Gosh, they are so good with a cup of tea.

Hope all is well and the sun is shinning by you!
Have a wonderful day!


Ruth Ann said...

I have boxes and boxes of "treasures" in my garage! It's soo fun when you come across something that you forgot you had! It's like Christmas!

Sandy Michelle said...

Funny, I just went through all my boxes and had to throw some stuff out to make room for the 'cooler'! The muffins look yummy. Enjoy! Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I know...believe me! Love that fabric! Yum...muffins!

suelichter said...

Fabric,buttons,ribbons,stationary,stamps,cutting dies ,stencils,home decor..........................who dies with the biggest stash wins ! he he .Thanks for commenting on my blog :}

Penny said...

I have been trying to find the garland for my Easter Tree and can't find it, so I guess I will leave it decorated as a St. Patrick's Day tree!

Too many boxes, too little time!


patricias fabric art said...

Yeah I'm always buying -fabric buttons paint canvas paper beads and ......!!I used to feel guilty but not anymore I do find I always use it eventually.I would hate it even more if I did'nt have "stuff"