Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Monday....

A rainy Monday it was, washed away all the snow that fell over the weekend.   A bit warmer, so no need to worry about any ice.  The weather has been crazy here.  One day fifty degrees, the next in the single digits.  Cant say we really are having a winter.  Just doesn't feel like winter.  I seen someplace that it was less then sixty days till Spring.  That too, has also seem to be taken away by going right into the hot weather.  What is going on with these Seasons???  

Tonight was weigh in at WW.  Not a happy camper.   Need to stick to a plan.  No more snacking, especially at night.  Healthy or not, I just seem to eat more at night.  Why is that?  During the day, I could go without.  At night, there is no stopping me.  Well tonight will be the night I start.  No more snacking at night for me.  Wish me luck! 

Take Care!



earlene said...

that is my weakness too...snacking at night. I just ate a full bowl of kettle corn...with butter in it.
Always have a hard time with it this time of year.
Good Luck

vivian said...

winter has been weird this year. I dont know.. global warming? who knows! raining here today.. all the snow from last week is totally gone. now its MUDDY!
I'm doing WW too.. down 6 pounds.. I think. I weigh in tomorrow.. we'll see. definitely need to be good today!
happy tuesday

suelichter said...

Have to add my bit about the snacking.So hard when it is cold.
Just lost 12 kgs following weighless .Rejoined with my daughter.We made a cut off hour at night.But we don't have winters like yours. veg soup would be ideal in evening but sadly no carbs with eg bread!!!We all suffer with the same bad habbits:{