Friday, February 10, 2012


I hurt my back.  Don't know what I did.  Got up yesterday feeling uncomfortable.   During the day, achy.   When I got home last night, sat in the massage chair for a bit.  Today, I was stiff.  Hurt to sit at my desk.  I kept a package of gloves behind my back.  Found some hand warmers at work and used them too.   The heat helped some.  But, still no relief.  It's been a long week, maybe  some rest will do.

Have a pot of chicken soup cooking.  Cut all my vegetables this morning.  So, easy do tonight.  I went up this week with my ww.  With all the crap I had, I knew it.  Just wasn't prepared for it.  I promised myself, this week coming and for now on.  I will do better.  Really want to treat myself to some new clothes this summer.

Off I go.  Happy Friday, hope all is well with everyone. 
Have a good weekend!


Sandy Michelle said...

I hope your back feels better soon!


vivian said...

sorry about your back.. mine has a little tweak in it right now too. I managed to go down almost a pound this week... but since then Ive no doubt that ive gone back up. no more junk and screwing around this weekend!
lol! we can do it girlfriend!