Monday, March 5, 2012

Rough couple of weeks.....

Haven't been able to stay on track with my points.  I really need to step up to the plate.  Summer will be here before you know it.  Instead of losing, I'm gaining.  I find it hard to stick to a plan.  And when I do, something throws a wrench into it.  It's my fault, I know I'm to blame.  Instead of looking at something and saying, "that's no good for me."  I attack it and think about it after the fact.  Really have to stick to the plan, I know it works.  Did it many times before.  Just this time, its harder.  Sometimes I just want to bang my head against the wall and say "WAKE UP!".  I have to do this for myself.  I know I would feel alot better.  Lately, I've just been in a rut.  Have to dig myself out.  Hoping this week will be different.   Just going to go one day at a time and make it positive for myself. 

Hope all is well with you, have a good week!


vivian said...

me too! well lets see.. I lost 10 pounds, gained back 5... lost 6.4 pounds and probably gained back 3 or 4 this weekend. Im struggling too.. If I didnt get mad, frustrated or annoyed or worried.. I could do it! oh heck.. or happy, or excited.. or sad.. I am an emotional eater and eat for every emotion!
eiy yie yie!
I would write LOL... but its not funny! oh geez.. I'm gonna go make some peanut butter toast! (lol)
good luck!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Girl don't beat yourself up. We all go through it. I am having a very hard time following my points as well. I wish I could reach my goal weight with just the snap of my fingers. (Shhh.. I just popped a Lindt chocolate in my mouth as I wrote!)

Sandy xox