Saturday, March 31, 2012

For The Birds....

I have so many baskets that I dont know what to do with.  So sprayed some down to seal it better from the weather.  Maybe, just so it lasts a bit longer.  I put a plastic lid from a container in the bottom so the seed wouldnt fall out as much.  Hung it on a hook. Then just sat and watched.  The birds love it and I love looking at the birds. 

Enjoy your weekend!


Primitive Stars said...

Hello,what a great idea,love it. The picture is wonderful,the Cardinal is one of my favorites,I am a birder to. Thanks for sharing,Francine

kitchen countertops said...

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vivian said...

great idea! I love to watch the birds too. so do figgy and frannie! And I love this time of year when I wake up and can hear them singing there spring songs outside! great way to start the day.
enjoy your sunday

Linda Keaveney said...

Hi there Susan:
Found your blog, by hopping from Michelle's....Your blog is fantastic, what a lot of good ideas you have...especially love the basket for the bird seed...OK if I steal that one???
Hope you will stop by and visit me..

Linda :o)