Monday, January 28, 2008

Finishing up on my "Sweetheart Swap" to Sue. We had to alter a heart shape candy box and fill it up with treats. The treats could be anything, but everything had to be heart shaped. Found the fabric on sale for $1.00 a yard at Walmart. Couldn't pass that up. Then I just went from there.

So Sue, don't peek! Sure hope you like your box of goodies. Should be getting it by weeks end.

Now onto finishing up another swap.

Have a good day!


Esther Sunday said...

Its perfect! What a great idea to use the candy box for those sweet knick knacks! And a deal on cute fabric - who can resist? Love, Esther

vivian said...

YOur valentine box is just adorable! I'm sure your partner will love it! sometimes you gotta admit walmart has some unbeatable deals.. (I just hate to admitt it though!)
have a great day!!