Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

Down to the single digits last week and now up to at least 60 today. Crazy weather! Figured since we are having this nice weather. Started with some yard work yesterday. All my decorations are down and boxed away. Figured I'd do it now, or they will be up for awhile in the cold weather. I do see sometimes some do leave the lights up around their home. Why do you think that is? Lazy or just waiting for the holidays to come again.

Joined a couple of swaps over the weekend. One at, From My Cherry Heart and the other at The Junk Drawer. Should be alot of fun. Need to pull out some of my stash of fabric and get my wheels turning. Plus maybe a trip to the craft store to see what they have. Have a couple of ideas just need to run with them.

Off to start the day and to get some more laundry out. Staying home today to do some more yard work. Maybe I'll take a walk with the pups.

Enjoy your day!


Esther Sunday said...

Wow! That is extreme weather changes! Snowy here in North Idaho. Christmas is over - it can go away now. Love, Esther

Vickie said...

I know what you mean last week I was rushing around every morning getting Colin to school so I could get home so the older kids could wait in the van for the bus to come. And this morning it was 50 out when I took Colin to school. Tomorrow is to be warmer yet. I'm not complaining you know I'm loving it!