Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thrifty finds

The colors are fading away. After two days of rain and high winds. There are hardly any leaves left on the trees. Which means, need to go and rake. Something I dont want to think about.
Yesterday I had a chance to stop at the thrift stores. My first stop. With baskets to put my cookies in this year. Old ornaments, cards, ribbons and bows. The snowman playing the piano, cute! Ceramic snowmen to plates. $5.00 well spent. Everything was in great shape. Left with a smile on my face.
Thinking, there is another shop on the way home. Should I stop. Yes! When I walked into the store. There it was. On top of a cabinet all lite up. Went right to it. Mine! All for $4.50. Left with another smile on my face. I love the holidays!
Have a great day!


jennwa said...

I love finding great deals. All your finds were great.

Monica said...

oh I am so jealous!
i have found a bunch of thift stores over here but no THRIFT prices..outrageous prices !! I miss it especially at the Holidays!
Cute finds!

Vickie said...

The snowman playing the piano is so cute! You found some great deals.

My favorite show on Thursday nights is Grey's Anatomy.

Take Care :)

"J" said...

Great deals!!!!! =)

You are in the Santa Swap...right????

Are you my SS????

I need to know!!! LoL
It's driving me crazy!!!
I blogged about my package...I just don't know who sent it?!?!?