Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chalk one up for the weatherman....

He was right. We did get around a foot or more in snow. Couldn't believe it. Started around 6:30 Sunday night. Didn't stop till around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. That was the most we've gotten in years. Thankfully DH was home to help with the cleaning out. The kids were thrilled, 2 snow days from this storm. They are hoping for another day tomorrow, which I'm not. Get them back to school! :)

Now we are off to go sledding, have a good day!


Sandy Michelle said...

Isn't it magical in a way- when you wake up to a blanket of snow?? I was happy to get away from it for a bit though :) Keep warm!

Sandy xoxo

Vickie said...

We also had snow but not that much. Enough to go sledding, make snowmen and have snowball fights. Let me tell you Colin cheated!!!! Take Care :)