Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Or is it???? I don't think we could say goodbye to winter yet. Right now, we are getting snow. And it's coming down. First day of Spring and it's snowing. I know it's not going to be around long. Our weekend temps will be going up into the 50's with full sun. That's what the weatherman says, beautiful weekend......he also didn't say anything about snow today.

Have a wonderful first day of Spring!


Farmchick said...

Happy Spring!!! We are to have a storm starting Sunday night--either rain or snow!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Have a great day--glad your family likes my recipes!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Spring! I sure hope the warm weather will come soon cause I think we've all had more than enough snow!


Monica said...

Happy Spring !
I sure hope the snow stops falling for you soon!
WE have had rain for 2 straight weeks here in Oklinawa, I am so ready for i to go
Thanks for the sweet comments on my new lil guy and the anniversary wishes!
Hope your having a fab Monday!