Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How much can one person take?

I walked out on my job. I signed up to work on Mother's Day. It usually is a good day and worth working. When I got to work. The station that has been mine for the last 3 years for holidays. Was given to someone else. Okay, I guess I could live with it. But I needed to know why. So I hunted down the manager. Which I have to say, we dont agree on anything and bump heads alot. Found him and simply just stated. "I need to talk to you about my station." Then bang, he yelled and told me how dare I bother him with this. Said some bad words in there, but I wont write them. I just apoligized and told him we'd take it up another time. Then as I was doing my side work. One of the younger servers came up and asked if I was alright. Told him dont worry, just stay out of it. Then he stated, " he should of never talked to you that way." Lightbulb went on! I'm 45 years old and I'm going to have someone talk to me that way. I dont think so. So I went to grab my things and left. Nobody needs to get yelled at like that. Not right.
You see, everyone there is afraid of this manager. I'm not. When someone has a problem or something happened. They come running to me. So I usually go and ask. Well lately, lets say, 6 months now. He usually just says, " I don't have time right now", "don't bother me with this," "you don't like it, there is the door". He has labeled me a trouble maker. Why? I just want whats fair for one, fair for all. It's not like that here. He talks to people, now remind you, not the "chosen ones", like crap. The kids, he treats like crap. Telling some, "why do you even bother to show up and ruin my day".
I know maybe I shouldn't of walked out. Especially at a time my dh is on layoff. But really, do I deserve to be talked to that way? I have a spotless record, nobody can say anything bad about me there. I do my job and I do it well. It just upsets me why I have to take this crap. Well, guess no more!
I do believe, when one door shuts another opens. Its time for change. Don't know what I'm going to do. But I'm positive there is something out there for me. Wish me luck, because that's all I have now.
Have a good day!


vivian said...

I dont blame you. Once when I worked at a little corner store I asked the owner a simple question and she blew up at me in front of customers.. and I thought.. nope.. this will not be happening again, I finished my shift and left, with the plan to call in on my next scheduled day to quit at the last minute on her. Which I did, but as I was quiting, she also told me that they had decided to let me go anyways! that was a very long time ago!!
good luck finding a new job. I'm sure theres a perfect one out there for you!

Paul-ene said...

oh no! That is so awful! No one should EVER be yelled at work...especially from someone in a management, or higher's so unprofessional and just rude. That happen to my dh....he got yelled at by his superior and he took it for awhile. I mean, his boss just laid the F bomb and all that on him for no reason. Terribly unprofessional and this was coming from a top school administrator. Gosh, people are amazing. My dh moved on and quit that job and got a better paying, better job elsewhere. The reason he quit was truly cuz that man was impossible to work for. So the moral of the story will find and even better job with nicer people. Good luck!