Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thrifty Finds, Finished Project & Giveaway

Dh and I decided to go and get some plants this morning. Knowing we've been a bit behind in that department. Figured, how late can we be. Well, I guess late. There weren't that many plants to pick from. So I ended up with 2 flats, mostly of Petunia's. Picked up a couple of tomato plants also to spread amongst the flowers. After that, we decided to hit the flea market in that town. Not many booths open. There were some. Came across 2 great finds for the day. One is a metal star. Which is heavy and I nor the seller had no idea where it came from. And the other are 2 metal geese. Love them! $5 for the star, $5 for the set of geese. Both finds will be going into the garden.

This is the chair that I just finished. Sanded it down and cleaned it up. Love the color red. The bucket I also cleaned up an painted. The chair was a $1 find at the thrift store and the bucket was only .50 cents. I love those kind of prices.

This bucket I found in a back bin at the thrift store. The women at the register said it was there forever. Gosh, makes me want to look better for now on. 50 cents! Didn't want to do anything to it. So just left it as it was.

These two buckets I found at another thrift store. Didn't drill any holes in them. So I placed pots inside and then planted. These were both $1 a piece.

Was really excited to put all my thrifty finds to good use. My gardens look so nice with the different things in them. And to think, I didn't spend a fortune.

Sharon at My Vintage Studio is having her 200th post giveaway. She is having 4 winners! She has some great things to giveaway, go check it out!

Now it's time to go make some potato salad for tomorrow's picnic. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a safe holiday.




My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Susan. Thank you for visiting and posting about my blog. Hope you have a great weekend! Good luck on my blog give away! Sharon

Booklover1212 said...

LOVE the buckets! If I knew that I could keep flowers alive, I'd try something like that too!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I'm a big magazine reader too -- and did pack a few in my bag. Alas, I'm still searching for a book! LOL!

~ Jennifer

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Susan! Thanks for Emily's birthday wishes! I am loving your pot -that was at the store forever- because it looks like a crown! I also love the bright red you chose for the chair pot! Hope you had a great Memorial Day (we don't celebrate that in Canada).