Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The colors have been popping out all over. You know it's Fall. A couple of weeks ago, the leaves weren't even changing. Maybe due to the warm weather we were having. Now with the temps dropping and it raining more. The changes in the leaves seem to be happening faster and faster. The trees are thinning their leaves and soon, nothing will be left on the trees. You know at that point, winter is coming. Brrrr.... don't even want to think about the cold weather. So for now, I'll just enjoy the view.

This is the before picture of the dining area in the kitchen. Cranberry, I love cranberry. I've had cranberry for the last 7, can never get tire of cranberry. It;s just one color I absolutely love. It just made a statement when you walked into the room. Then after thinking about it. It's not that large of a room. Maybe we need to lighten it up a bit and give it the illusion of a larger room. So after thinking about it. Went out and picked out a color. Dh was nice enough to paint it for me.

Orange Slice! What a change. Lighter, brighter, big difference. I love it. I just have to pick out a contrasting color for the other side of the kitchen. But for now, I'm really going to enjoy this view. This room, is probably my favorite room in the house. Cant wait to get it done.

Off to finish decorating the house. It was decided, we will be having guests on Halloween! That is going to mean, apple bobbing, smores and a whole lot more. I'm also feeling a giveaway....maybe for Halloween???

Enjoy your day!


Mrs. G said...

I love decorating for fall too. Thank you for coming by, it is very nice to meet you.

Monica said...

Your Halloween sounds fun!
Loving the new paint and oh how I miss fall! Tropical islands are pretty GREEN year

Farmchick said...

I love cranberry but that orange slice really looks nice too! :)

Rambling Girl said...

Love the color! It is bright and warming! We are doing a little fall fest in a couple of weeks so I have been getting ready for that.
Have a good Halloween eveing!