Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is here....

Fall is finally making an appearance. The crisp cool air has been here and I think it's here to stay. Goodbye summer weather, I will miss you. Pack those summer things away. Time to pull out those sweaters and jackets. That's what I'll be doing today. Pulling out the warmer clothes to go through and pulling out the Fall decorations. Scarecrows, pumpkins, here I come! Great day to just stay home and bake.
Have a wonderful day!


vivian said...

yeah, I'm with you.. I do so hate to see summer go though! It is really cold here right now.. I actually turned the heat on tonight just to take the chill out of the house.. but its back now!
have a great weekend!

Sandy Michelle said...

Ah yes, I love all the signs of fall. Happy fall my dear!

Sandy xox

Paul-ene said...

It snowed here today in Minnesota. YUCK! Where is our fall? our trees are still kinda green and now snowcapped. LOL(well the snow all but melted) but it's cold out...brrrr!

I usually enjoy fall time too. I hope it arrives soon.