Friday, March 12, 2010

Almost Spring?

While I was cleaning up the yard, I spotted it under leaves and debris. It was such a pretty sight. I stood there looking at it, what a welcome sign it was. Knowing that Spring is right around the corner. Have you had any spotting of Spring yet?

Wednesday was my second class with quilting. I had enough time to cut out my borders and sew some on. I got caught up with watching everyone. We are all working on the same project. And just looking around at all the different colors that everyone picked out. Everyone is so different. I think mine will win for the brightest egg in the class. I was going for the Spring theme. My homework is to work and put the wider borders on. This is what I came home with, just need to remember what the teacher said to do.

Since it's suppose to rain for a couple of days. Dh went in the attic for my Spring things. Figured I'd decorate and start on my Spring Swaps this weekend. What better to do on a rainy weekend. Don't forget, Spring ahead this weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope Spring is popping up by you.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Rain is forecast here as well. I'm working on my grannies and rain means I can get a lot done. Thanks for the reminder about Springing ahead. Somehow, I like the Fall change better -- we gain an hour.

Have a great weekend decorating and quilting.

Dolly said...

We are getting rain this weekend too!
I walked around the yard today looking for the tulips and daffodils to see if they were popping out of the ground yet! No signs yet but I can't wait!
I am ready for spring!

Love your spring quilting!

Have fun decorating!
Hugz, Dolly