Monday, March 15, 2010

Clean Up Monday

The whole weekend was a wash. We had severe rains and winds that did alot of damage around the neighborhoods. Some neighbors lost power for a day, some, power not coming back till Tuesday. We were lucky, nothing.

It was a good weekend to stay inside and work on some projects. As you can tell by the picture, really have to work on cleaning as I go. That's what today will be, a clean up day. Still rainy outside, so being inside today, wont be that bad. I love rainy days and Mondays. Good start for the week.

Hope your week starts out good.


vivian said...

I can not create anything with out pretty much trashing the room I'm working in! I just cant! But we have such fun making these messes dont we?
have a great week!

Vickie said...

So when you get done cleaning up your craft area come on down and do mine since you will already have practice doing it. lol Take Care :)

Sandy Michelle said...

I find rainy day so comforting :)Have a great week!

Sandy xox

Sarah said...

This is what my craft table typically looks like too! Can you email me your mailing address so I can send you your bunny basket? My email is Thanks!