Sunday, February 17, 2008

Do kids sleep? Is it, the older they get, the longer they want to stay up? One of my older boys wanted some kids over for the night. Thinking it wont be that bad, a couple of kids, I said okay.......8 came through the door. I could tell you this. If I dont hear that Rock Band anymore, it would'nt bother me at all. Especially the drum part!!

Knowing I had to get some sleep, I finally went to bed around 1:30, then woke at 4:30 to kids still up. I found myself rather tired, couldnt imagine how they felt. Then around 5:00 I heard nothing. No drumming, no guitar, nothing, silence. Thinking this is great, went back to bed only to get back up around 7:00 to kids fully charged. Couldnt believe they were going full force. They stayed most of the day to play some more. When that doorbell started ringing at 2:00 for the first one to leave. I was a happy camper.

Now I must get ready to take my son to his hockey game. Going to stop for some hot coffee and hope the game goes fast. Cant wait for my head to hit the pillow tonight. Because of the holiday tomorrow, we could all sleep in. Yeah!

Have a good night!


Farmchick said...

Susan....I had to laugh when I read your post. I feel your pain! Hope you got to sleep in today! Thanks for listing me on your blog.

Paul-ene said...

Oh my, is that what I have to look forward to someday hey??? Ha ha ha........Love your post! Can I ask what rock band it was??? I probably would have like the music. Maybe not at 2 am.

Yes, when kids get together they have high energy. It's nice that you let them have a FUN time. Kids need clean fun time.

Get some sleep tonight!

Susan said...

Rock Band is that game for Xbox. Comes with a guitar, drums and mic. The kids play along with the music on the tv. Have to say, I did like the music, but the beat of the drum. That tapping got to me.

The kids did have fun and I agree they do need that. Next time, I think I will invest in some earplugs. :)

scrappysue said...

that sounds about right! how old are the boys? my daughter had 10 girls stay over when my daughter turned 10. being the 2nd youngest i knew no-one would get any sleep, so i said, no-one upstairs before 7am and everyone had to be gone by 10am!!! i will never know why they call them SLEEP overs!!!! lol