Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Received a package from Deb today. It was for the "One World One Heart"drawing off of her blog. She made me a lovely heart plant poke, very cute. And a heart made from 2 baking tins. I love the glitter and the feathers around it. Think I'm going to leave it out to enjoy it. Thank you Deb, your very crafty.

Pot Roast for dinner tonight. The store had a sale on asparagus, so throwing that in the pot to cook a bit before serving. Wanted to add something other than potato and carrots.

Also tried a new recipe for carrot cake. But decided to make cupcakes instead. Have to say, MMMM! Don't think they will last very long around here.


Farmchick said...

Hi! I received all my goodies today from you and I have to say I love everything! Thank you so much. I have had so much fun with OWOH! Have a wonderful weekend.


Debb said...

I;m glad you like your gift , Lets hope for spring soon. But when spring come so does the rain. And right now it rain so much my drive is mud, need new rocks soon.Your cupcakes look so good the last about a day or two here.
Have a great week-end . Talk to you again . Debb

Jackie said...

Carrot cake is one of my most favorite cakes. Cupcakes would be fabulous because then I would have one and not over indulge by cutting a huge piece. . :-)