Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday?

I had no plans on going out early this year.
Didn't have to stand in the cold, dark night. Waiting with hundreds of other people for a store to open. Wondering, how long before the cops are called this year? This was the first year that I didn't venture out for Black Friday. I know for myself, I didn't miss anything.

I stayed home and started opening my boxes to decorate.

The first box I opened, there he was. Just staring at me with that smile. I couldn't help but smile back. I cant wait to get to the other boxes.

Looking for some lovely fabric? Head on over to retro mummy's blog. She is having a fabric giveaway. Hurry because the giveaway ends Sunday.

Take care!

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vivian said...

sweet snowman! I've been opening up all our boxes this morning and am so overwhelmed. I have too much stuff.. I'm doing things a little different this year. not sure exactly what the outcome will be.. but having fun! have a great weekend.. hope you post lots of pics!