Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day After.....

We had lots of snacks and lots of treats. The weather was perfect for the kids. You didn't need a jacket, so you seen everyone costume. I always loved to see all the kids costumes. The little kids are the cutest. Carrying their pumpkins filled with candy. The way they look at all the scary costumes and decorations. Approaching everything with caution.

Then you have the ones, running to house to house. You could see each one of them trying to beat the other to the door. Standing at the door, so when it opens. They will be the first one down the stairs to the next. What are they thinking, there might not be any candy left?? After awhile, they got tired and we all stayed together.

Some houses we visited, had no decorations at all. Some had lights all over with blowups. Some were cute, some were scary. But this one house. WOW! This was their front porch. The gentlemen sitting to the left was handing out the candy. None of the kids would go up there. The creepy music was playing, the lights were going. Then you would see someone come out from behind the front curtain. It was just amazing what they did.

Now it's time to pack everything away till next year. I never knew how many things I had. And yet, tomorrow I'll be hitting the stores to see what's left. :) Love those clearance sales after the holidays. Hope you all had a nice Halloween.

Now for the winner of the giveaway..................ABamaMom, thanks to all who entered.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you! I'll e-mail you my address! I'm so excited! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Oh...what's your email address so I can get the address to you?

Vickie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun and the snacks look yummy. Take Care :)

Paul-ene said...

Ha, that house looked fun! It's fun to see all the variations in house decorations. Some of our neighbors left their lights all on...but were not there. That is just wrong!!! Some others gave the kids diet pop(what the world?)I can see giving pop but not diet to kids. We seen alot of strange stuff this Halloween.

Debb said...

Looks as if you had fun, sorry I missed your give away but come on over to my blog I have an award for you

Libby Buttons said...

Hi ..nice to have found your blog. Are those spider web cookies I see and a lovely spider web tablecloth? Wow....great job. As far as the very scary house...I never would have gone there as a kid. I was a sissy back then and not the tuff bag of hard rocks I am now.
aka LiBBy BuTTons

Rambling Girl said...

Congrats to the winner!

Looks like you had a good time!