Monday, November 16, 2009

Going out slow.

You know Fall is almost over when the leaves are all dropped. The trees begin to show off more of their branches and more sunlight shines through. You could tell the days are getting shorter, the sun just seems to move faster across the sky. When it rains, just seems more dreary out. I already miss what Fall offered this year. It will always be my favorite time of year.


vivian said...

the weather here has been record breaking beautiful for november. Weve had great weekends and not so cold temps. I'm thinking this weekend I will decorate for christmas outside!
enjoy !

Vickie said...

Our leaves have fallen in record time this year. The rain and wind we had last week really helped things along, a little too much. It's looking rather bare and seems like it should be December out there instead of November.

Take Care :)