Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some great finds this week

I think this pass week, everyone was out shopping. The markets were packed more than normal. Plus there were more sellers there than usually. The weather was just beautiful. We've had some nice warm days. Guess everyone just wanted to get out.

I got all three boxes for $1.00. The vendor wanted a $1.00 a box. But we started talking and at the end of our conversation, he said, how about $1.00 for all three. Now how can I pass that up. What a nice guy. Went to AC Moore today and bought a wreath frame. So guess what I'll be making for the front door!

These three items I found at the thrift shop. The women was unpacking the boxes onto the shelves. I of course couldn't wait for her to unpack the box. So politely asked if I could go through it. She said, of course you can. I did and there he was, wrapped in some old plastic. You knew whoever had him, had him wrapped up for awhile. The plastic was all dusty and all. When I unwrapped him, he was beautiful. Perfect, for $3.00, I grabbed it. The sleigh and the box were 50 cents each. I love that thrift store!

When I came upon this piece at the market. The women had alot of things hanging off of it and on top. I just seen the piece, nothing else. She started at $17, I started at $10. Great shape, no damage, perfect. I didnt really want to go that high. She said $15, I said $12. She said she had to stay firm on the $15, so I said thank you and walked. Then she said, come back, I'll take $12. Happily paid her and walked with a smile. Wipe it all down and with a fresh coat of paint. Would work great in my space.

I just love the shape of this tree. Found it for $1.00. Some small balls for 25cents. Going to change the tree, I'm sure it'll look nice. The 4 red votive holders were 15cents each. Have plans for them! And the candle holder, looks so nice when lite. Score for 50cents

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, how many bells can you have??? As many as you want! Now for 35 cents, how could I pass these all up? I love bells.

While I was out and about this week, dh was kind enough to get my decorations down from the attic. I thought about putting some out around the house. But think I'll wait. Thanksgiving will be here Thursday, I'll enjoy that with my family. Then we'll start after that. But being that tomorrow is going to be warm again. I might just put up some lights outside to get ahead of the game. Every year, I'm usually outside, dressed in layers, freezing, putting up decorations. We'll see.

Did anyone start decorating yet? Or are you waiting till after Thanksgiving?

Take care!


Monica said...

Love the new blog look :)
What great finds! I especially like the tree and votives you found!

Sandy Michelle said...

Wow you got some sweet deals! Bells are so expensive at the Michaels here. Enjoy the holiday preparations!

Sandy xox