Monday, November 9, 2009

Thrifty find

Can you believe it. This is the only piece I found from scouring the markets this pass weekend. The weather was beautiful, warm, sunny. So many vendors selling their wares. I really thought I'd score some great finds. But nope, not this weekend. I found that there was alot of junk. Things weren't cleaned, which I think it would make for better sales for some. Some just leave things in the boxes, which I never mind going though. But how many boxes of junk can you go though??

So while I was walking through the aisles and checking out tables. Came across this, a new sewing box for me. It was in perfect shape. The nice guy and I started talking, he wanted $15 for it. I just wanted to pay it right there. I've been looking for one of these for a while. I just kept looking at it, opening and closing. All along while he was packing up his car. Then finally, he said, "make me an offer. I'm actually packing up now and just want to dump things." Well, I offered $5. And he took it. YEAH! I already cleaned it out and filled it up with my sewing supplies. I just love it.

Have you found any good finds lately?


Rambling Girl said...

How cute and I am also looking for one like this also....

Sandy Michelle said...

WOW what an awesome find and what a great price too!