Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall!

What a beautiful day it is for the first day. Chloe is doing much better. She is moving along fine. Very happy about that. Today I worked on some unfinished projects. Started in the kitchen with some Zucchini Bread. Also baked a chocolate cake. But no icing. So need to make some from scratch. Would love to get a good icing recipe. Havent come across one yet.

Then I pulled out the sewing machine and set up my work area. Pulled out my Halloween stuff and meet Harry. Need to add something, dont know what it is, but will find it. I think I'm going to hang him on a door. I have so much odds and ends with material. I love not having to pay for something.

Then I started pulling out some wood items I had just laying around. Made sure I hade sponge brushes and off I went. Lots of pumpkins, one ghost. I'm going to dot them around the yard. Havent decided weather to just paint some leaves at the stem and shade them. Or put some faces on them. We'll see.


Vickie said...

OH OH OH this is what is called the power of suggestion...I saw the bread and I could smell it. Harry the Ghost looks fabulous! You did a great job! And those pumpkins are going to look awesome out in the yard. You certainly had a busy day!

melly~ said...

Love the Halloweenie decorations. Too cute.
I'll get you the rocking best frosting recipe I've ever had. Watch for it!
Thanks for sharing your day with us, Susan.