Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday comes and goes

Was up around 5:30, was out the door by 6:00. Had to tend to the ducks and pool. Figured those would take me the most time to do. Was all done with everything by 11:00. Still doing the laundry. Have tons of blankets that I started pulling out. Wanted to get them done before the cool weather sets in. Trying to stay on top of things.

Now its time to start dinner. Have my meat already on sticks. My foil potatoes are all wrapped up. We'll have a late dinner due to hubby working today. Dont mind. Usually have everything done by the time he gets in. Then serve it buffet style, paper plates and all. When its that late at night, who wants to do dishes??

Took a couple of pictures to post, but something is wrong with the computer. Says I need some pc card. Dont know where this came from, been downloading for awhile with no problems. Always something. When I asked the kids. You know what there answer was....wasnt me! How did I know that? Now just something else to add to my to do list.

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