Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where's Fall?

They say it's going up into the 80's today and 90's tomorrow. I guess summer isn't ready to go yet. It usually stays like this until the middle of October. I remember on Halloween one year, it was in the 80's. We seem to be jumping over Fall and right into winter. Which I'm not ready for.

Tomorrow I go for my postal exam in the morning. Wish me luck. It's time to get back out into the work field. I didn't want to go back behind a desk, in a office. So thought this would be different. I've been out of the work field for over 14 years. Sure, I do have a part time job being a server, but dh doesn't call it a real job. I guess, once I get benefits and paid holidays, then maybe that'll be real to him. I'm kind of looking forward to it. To get a paycheck, that'll be something different!

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Michelle said...

I wish you good luck!